UPV offers modern degrees, including postgraduate programmes subject to demanding quality control systems. Civil Engineering is one of the main scientific and technological domains. UPV has over 36000 students and 2800 teaching and research staff. UPV has repeatedly ranked among the top 5 European Universities for incoming and outgoing students under the Erasmus Programme. UPV has experience in the management of European projects and takes part in different actions (Tempus, Alfa, Erasmus Mundus, US-Atlantis, LLP networks and multilateral projects) and in several international networks such as Magalhaes, TIME, ANUIES, COLUMBUS, SEFI and SMILE.

Highway Engineering Research Group focuses its research on highway geometric design, traffic engineering, road safety and traffic calming. One of the main research projects has been on Traffic Calming, during 4 years and with more than 750000€. The Faculty Staff gives courses on highway and traffic engineering and research methodologies.

Role in the project

Main tasks will be:

  • Participation to the Inception Meeting, Project Management Board Meetings, and Field Monitoring Visits in the Moroccan universities;
  • Analysis of Med training requirements;
  • Share and consolidation of course contents;
  • Preparation of teaching materials for the modules Highway design, Highway design in urban areas, Highway safety fundamentals, and Research methodology in highway and traffic engineering;
  • Training of the Med teaching staff on above-mentioned modules by workshops and webinars;
  • Internship of Med students in the Highway Engineering Laboratory;
  • Tutoring thesis preparation and participation to master thesis discussion in Morocco and Tunisia;
  • Participation to quality assurance process;
  • Support to dissemination & exploitation by participation to info day events in Tunisia and final road shows in Morocco and Tunisia.

Website: www.upv.es