The University of Catania has been a focal point in culture and learning since its founding, in 1434. Today it is engaged in creating a "laboratory" in which the ancient knowledge of the Mediterranean culture meets the new technologies in order to offer an advanced training experience. The University has about two hundred scientific partnerships with Italian and European institutions within the most recent European programmes.

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (DICA) has been founded on 1999 with the objective to promote and coordinate research and teaching activities in the fields related to Civil and Environmental Engineering. Road Infrastructures and Transportation Engineering is one of the five departmental sections. The Department includes more than 100 professors and researchers, technical and administrative staff, graduate students and post-docs. DICA manages an advanced experimental laboratory for road materials and pavement monitoring.

Role in the project

Main tasks will be:

  • Participation to the Inception Meeting, Project Management Board Meetings, and Field Monitoring Visits in the Tunisian universities;
  • Analysis of Med training requirements;
  • Share and consolidation of course contents;
  • Preparation of teaching materials for the modules Highway design, Fundamentals of pavement analysis, design, and maintenance, Highway safety fundamentals, and Highway safety management process;
  • Training of the Med teaching staff on above-mentioned modules by workshops and webinars;
  • Internship of Med students in the Road Materials Laboratory;
  • Tutoring thesis preparation and participation to master thesis discussion in Morocco and Tunisia;
  • Participation to quality assurance process;
  • Support to dissemination & exploitation by participation to info day events in Tunisia and final road shows in Morocco and Tunisia.