The National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution of Greece in the field of technology (founded in 1836). NTUA is divided into nine academic Schools, with more than 700 people as academic staff, 140 scientific assistants and 260 administrative and technical staff (1350 employees total). The total number of students is about 8500 undergraduates and 1500 graduate. NTUA operates many of its Laboratories also as "service laboratories", which provide expert advice, tests and measurements and all specialized services in general, within the framework of its technological competence, which can be useful for the development of the country. The educational and research programme of the Laboratory of Transportation Engineering of the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens is focused around highway and traffic engineering and road safety.

Role in the project:

Main tasks will be:

  • Participation to the Inception Meeting, Project Management Board Meetings, and Field Monitoring Visits in Lebanese universities;
  • Analysis of Med training requirements;
  • Share and consolidation of course contents;
  • Preparation of teaching materials for the modules Highway geometric design, Highway design in urban areas, Advanced Traffic management systems, Highway safety fundamentals, Special issues in highway design, Highway safety management process, and Highway construction;
  • Training of the Med teaching staff on above-mentioned modules by workshops and webinars;
  • Internship of Med students in the Transportation Engineering Laboratory;
  • Tutoring thesis preparation and participation to master thesis discussion in Egypt and Lebanon;
  • Participation to quality assurance process and chairmanships of the Review Board;
  • Support to dissemination & exploitation by participation to info day events in Lebanon and final road shows in Egypt and Lebanon.