RMEI is an association of Technical Universities / Grandes Ecoles which includes 77 universities of 16 countries of Mediterranean culture which deliver a Master's degree in engineering. In partnership with territorial authorities (regions) and with companies, RMEI aims at promoting the training of the engineer in the Mediterranean region as well as innovation for sustainable development. RMEI is supported by UNESCO thanks to the chair UNESCO 651 "Innovation and Sustainable development". Employability of graduates is a main objective and RMEI wants to promote competencies that a young engineer must have. Among them, Innovation and entrepreneurship have been identified as main competencies. The quality of the education in the 77 members is a main concern of RMEI network. Through its members and its international contacts (BSUN, CUM, TVET/ICES of Moscow or UFRJ Rio de Janeiro), RMEI is a vector to disseminate good practices in universities all around the Mediterranean.

Role in the project

RMEI will coordinate the WP Dissemination strategy, thanks to its nature of association of Mediterranean Universities. It will take part also to:

  • Assessment study on HiT curricula requirements;
  • Development of Master curriculum in Highway and Traffic Engineering, based on ECTS in accordance with the Bologna process and in line with Med countries requirements aimed at higher education system’s improvement;
  • Preparation of teaching materials for the module Highway construction;
  • Info days and final road show events at Med universities premises, by fostering the participation of other Med Universities and stakeholders;
  • Dissemination of the HiT Master course in universities all around the Mediterranean. This effort will include media communication, such as press releases and newspaper articles to raise the issues of this project into public attention and awareness;
  • Quality assurance process;
  • Inception meeting, Project Management Board meetings and Field Monitoring visits.

Website: www.rmei.info