Since 1985 the FORMIT Foundation has performed activities of scientific research, and analysis to sustain technology and innovation development, supporting PAs and companies in Italy and abroad on a non-profit basis.

The scientific orientation of FORMIT is given by its Scientific Committee, of which three members are nominated by the Italian Ministry of Research, by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.

FORMIT collaborates with universities, research centres, and companies worldwide in the implementation and management research projects and educational initiatives. Furthermore, FORMIT carries out a relevant number of EC funded projects in the Research and Educational areas (15 since 2008). In 2004 ECOSOC (United Nations) granted FORMIT consultative status rewarding its innovation activities to sustain socioeconomic development. FORMIT offices have been established in Italy and Brussels strengthening international collaborations.

Role in the project:

FORMIT will set and monitor the project development assuring high quality levels, supporting partners in carrying out project’s activities and building the network for the project’s sustainability.

FORMIT will lead the WP Quality assurance process and:

  • Contribute to the assessment study on HiT curricula requirements;
  • Monitor the quality procedures’ fulfilment, in order to guarantee a smooth project execution;
  • Control and monitor the observance of the quality assurance principles and procedures;
  • Design, realize and publish the web site of the project, and will maintain and update its contents;
  • Support dissemination activities, in order to reveal projects results and will participate to final road shows in Med countries;
  • Build and keep contacts with SMEs for students’ internships, fostering a cooperation network between Universities and enterprises in Europe and in Mediterranean area;
  • Participate to the inception meeting, to PMB meetings and to Field Monitoring visits.