Centre of the pole of a cluster and supported by the incubator of Technopôle, ENISo is a young engineering school founded in 2005 with more than 1200 engineering students, more than 100 teachers, fifty companies in close collaboration with an hiring rate of 90%.

The ENISO also has:

  • 3 specialties (Mechatronics in Department of Advanced Mechanics, Applied Informatics in Department of Computer Engineering, Industrial Electronics in Industrial Electronics Department);
  • 3 Masters Research (Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Mechanical Systems Engineering);
  • 1 Professional Master in Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing.

Scientific research is also indispensable to ENISO supported by the recent creation of a Scientific Research Laboratory Mechatronics (LMS) and Advanced Systems unit embedded electronics (SAGE) with more than 100 international publications in robotics, mechanical simulation, virtual environment treatment and nanomaterials.


Role in the project:

ENISo will take part in:

  • Assessment study on HiT curricula requirements;
  • Sharing and consolidation of course contents;
  • Review of the teaching material prepared by EU universities;
  • Accreditation of HiT Master course;
  • Selection of teachers which will be trained in workshops and webinars;
  • Participation to workshops and webinars;
  • Interview and selection of master students;
  • Master course implementation;
  • Supervision of students internship and selection of 3 students which will make internships in the EU labs;
  • Supervision of Master thesis;
  • Quality assurance process;
  • Dissemination and exploitation activities, organising and hosting info days and final road shows;
  • Inception meeting and Project Management Board meetings.

Website: http://www.eniso.rnu.tn/fr/