The University of Sousse provides a range of academic and professionalized courses. A LMD Reform (License-Master-Doctorate) has been introduced in 11 institutions. It includes 17 Higher Education Institutions, 32765 Students, 1950 Teachers, 56 Applied BA (LMD), 31 fundamental BA (LMD), 9 National Degrees in Engineering, 1 National Degree of Doctor of Medicine, 12 Professional MA, 31 Professional MA (LMD), 24 Research MA (LMD), 10 PhD, 23 Master. It accounts 64 Units of research and 4 Doctoral schools. The Department of Traffic Engineering and Technology has a Transportation Section established in 2008. The staff is composed of 1 associate professor, 11 assistant professors and 1 lecturer. The main research and teaching activities are Transportation Infrastructures Design, Construction and Management; Pavement Design and Maintenance; Driving Simulation; Traffic Analysis, Monitoring, Planning; ITS, Transportation Systems and sustainability, Hybrid Transportation Systems.


Role in the project:

ISTLS will take part in:

  • Assessment study on HiT curricula requirements;
  • Sharing and consolidation of course contents;
  • Review of the teaching material prepared by EU universities;
  • Accreditation of HiT Master course;
  • Selection of teachers which will be trained in workshops and webinars;
  • Participation to workshops and webinars;
  • Interview and selection of master students;
  • Master course implementation;
  • Supervision of students’ internship and selection of 3 students which will make internships in the EU labs;
  • Supervision of Master thesis;
  • Quality assurance process;
  • Dissemination and exploitation activities, organising and hosting info days and final road shows;
  • Inception meeting, Tempus Representative meeting, and Project Management Board meetings in Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco;
  • Hosting a Project Management Board Meeting.