UCA University has developed many inter-university cooperation with various countries of the EU countries (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal) with USA, Canada, Japan and several Arab countries. In this context, UCA maintains over 300 partnership relations with these foreign universities since 2003 and participates to many international cooperation programs financed by the EU and international funding. UCA is also an active partner of Tempus-Meda, PCRD and the AUF’s programs. UCA has established a convention with IFSTTAR Institute in research, training, workshops organization in the transport field. Furthermore, 3 editions of a dedicated event to transport were organized by the 2 institutions ENSA and IFFSTAR. The last one has been organized on March 2013 in Marrakech (ww.ensa.ac.ma/ehv13). Several theses are co-directed by TIM laboratory from ENSA and DOAE- IEMN laboratory, France. All these theses are related to transport areas (traffic engineering, V2V communications).


Role in the project:

UCA will take part in:

  • Assessment study on HiT curricula requirements;
  • Sharing and consolidation of course contents;
  • Review of the teaching material prepared by EU universities;
  • Translation of the teaching material in French language;
  • Accreditation of HiT Master course;
  • Selection of teachers which will be trained in workshops and webinars;
  • Participation to workshops and webinars;
  • Interview and selection of master students;
  • Master course implementation;
  • Supervision of students’ internship and selection of 3 students which will make internships in the EU labs;
  • Supervision of Master thesis;
  • Quality assurance process;
  • Dissemination and exploitation activities, organising and hosting info days and final road shows;
  • Inception meeting, Tempus Representative meeting, and Project Management Board meetings in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia;
  • Hosting a Project Management Board Meeting.

Website: www.ensa.ac.ma