University of Naples was funded in 1224 by Federico II. University has 4 Schools, 26 PhD schools and 26 Departments. Students of the University are 94,510. The staff is composed by 2,597 professors and 3,312 administratives. Department of Civil Engineering has a Transportation Section which was established by Joachim Murat in 1811.

The transportation staff is composed of:
a) 18 full, associate and assistant professors;
b) 10 research associates;
c) 10 technicians and administrative personnel.
The Department is partner of the company TEST (Technology for Transport, Environment and Safety) which owns advanced research equipments such as the high-fidelity dynamic driving simulator VERA.
Main research and teaching activities in the transportation area are:
a) Transportation Infrastructures Design, Construction and Management;
b) Pavement Design and Maintenance;
c) Driving Simulation;
d) Traffic Analysis, Monitoring, and Planning;
e) Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Role in the project

UniNA will coordinate and manage the project, performing:

  • Participation to the Inception and Tempus Project Representatives' Meetings, chairmanship of the Project Management Board, and participation to Field Monitoring Visits;
  • Analysis of Med training requirements;
  • Share and consolidation of course contents;
  • Preparation of teaching materials for the modules Highway design, Introduction to transportation systems and traffic analysis, Statistical methods for transportation data analysis, English for engineering, Special issues in highway design, Highway safety management process, and Highway construction;
  • Training of the Med teaching staff on above-mentioned modules by workshops and webinars;
  • Internship of Med students in UniNA Highway Safety Laboratory;
  • Tutoring thesis preparation and participation to master thesis discussion;
  • Participation to quality assurance process;
  • Support to dissemination & exploitation by participation to info day events and final road shows.